Sunday, July 17, 2016

An Author's Odyssey by Chris Colfer

This is probably my favorite middle grade series. This book was phenomenal! These books just keep getting better and better, it's kind of crazy. I LOVED the first book, and they just kept getting better and better. If you have not read the first four books in this series, I don't recommend reading the rest of this review. All you need to know is you NEED to go pick them up right now.

An Author's Odyssey begins where Beyond the Kingdoms left off. I really liked that in the prologue something interesting is revealed, and that is that Mrs. Peters has knowledge of the fairy tale world. An Author's Odyssey follows Alex and Connor as they travel into Connor's short stories in order to recruit an army to fight the literary villains (and witches, they just don't know it yet). All of the characters are based on people of the fairy tale world; Auburn Sally on Goldilcoks and the Cyborg Queen on Red. I thought it was hilarious that Red was convinced Auburn Sally was based on her, despite the fact that physically she was identical to Goldilocks, just with a different hair color. I would have to say that Starboardia (Auburn Sally's story) and The Ziblings were my favorites of Connor's stories. I wished they tried to get Charlie/Froggy out of the mirror. He was only mentioned when Red said she wished he was there to see Goldilocks and Jack's baby. That was kind of disappointing. Oh, and those book huggers. I don't need to describe them. 

5/5 Stars, and definitely on my list of favorite books of 2016.

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Friday, July 15, 2016

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

My mother read these books years ago, when I was pretty young and she still actually read books. She LOVED them. She said she couldn't wait for the next book to come out. I was surprised when I read this book that she had loved it so much, because it's not historical (her type of genre) and there isn't anything remarkably special about them. I am surprised that it took a recommendation from readbyzoe for me to pick this up. Now, on to the review.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is about four friends, Carmen, Bridget, Tibby and Lena. They have been best friends since they were babies, and this is the first summer that they are spending apart. They find a pair of jeans that fits each of them perfectly, despite their vastly different body types. They decide to have adventures in the pants and to periodically send the pants to each other over the course of the summer.

I really liked this book. Unfortunately, I can't really see why my mom loved thee books as much as she did based on her favorite genres, but I still liked the book nonetheless. It was a fun and quick read, but sad enough that I actually cried at one point. I definitely will read the next three (technically four) I just don't know when. I will say that I'm not sure if I liked this book as much as I liked Ann Brashares's more recent standalone, The Here and Now, but I definitely really liked this book and am looking forward to seeing the movie (too bad it's not on Netflix anymore) and reading the sequels. 

4/5 stars. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson

I received this book as an ARC before it came out, but because I loved it so much, I decided to reread this book, this time with the finished hardcover copy.

I am embarassed to say that I haven't read any of Morgan Matson's other books (I will be reading Since You've Been Gone and Amy and Roger's Epic Detour this month, though) but I was perusing goodreads and came across this book and it sounded like my cup of tea. Plus, the cover is gorgeous!

The Unexpected Everything follows a girl by the name of Andie. Andie is the daughter of a famous/prominent U.S. congressman, and she has everything in her life planned out meticulously, particularly her summer. This summer, Andie is doing a pre-med program at Johns Hopkins university, but her dad gets caught up in a political scandal and Andie is rejected from the program. Now she has to deal with her dad on a daily basis, and she has nothing to do, so she takes a job walking dogs. She also meets a really cute boy named Clark, and she learns not only to embrace, but expect the unexpected.

I adored this book. I loved the snipets of pages from A Murder of Crows that was included in this book. I kind of hope that Morgan will go full on Rainbow and do a Carry On type of book. What's interesting about this book, and I did not know this until after I had read the book and I watched ReadbyZoe's review of this book that I found out that all of Morgan's books take place in the town of Stanwich, Connecticut, and while all of her books are standalones, characters from, for example, Since You've Been Gone make appearances in The Unexpected Everything, which I think is super cool. I also loved all of Andie's friends and the relationship she had with them. If you've read the book, Toby was my favorite character :). 

The Unexpected Everything was definitely one of my favorite books of 2016!

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